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Can I play with an xbox controller?

hey remember me i had the same bugs but thats not why im here i want to ask for the source code for this project i want to add more to this game (i wont repost it) and maybe swap some textures and make a texture pack (i really enjoy doing that with games) maybe while messing around with the game i can find how to fix those bugs anyway ill understand if you dont trust me and say no anyway have a good day/night

i really enjoy this game but i found two bugs

2:i have no idea how he got there

1: i dashed at the eyes but i telported into the wall

Yikes! Super sorry about that—I admit that my collision code had bugs that I didn't quite take the time to iron out. for this mini demo. Hope you were able to restart without too much trouble :)


no problem at all! its a really fun game i play it once and awhile but it never gets boring its super fun, i hope you expand upon it 

I loved it! I had a good time playing it, but I found a bug that happens when you get hit by a bat (it may happen with other mobs) while near a wall that teleports you behind the wall and cant get back to the field.

PS: Nice reference at the item shop theme, it was funny haha

Oops. Sorry about the bug, my collision code was pretty simplistic. But, I'm glad that you enjoyed!

waouw very nice game !!!!!!! 

Thanks :)

noticed if you get against a wall and be attacked you glitch out of bounds otherwise really fun kinda like enter the gungeon recommend it.

Hi, I have a request for you to share this character because I really like

I'm confused, would you like the art for it, or the code?


That's actually the only asset I couldn't find the credits for (that's why it's not above), but I reuploaded the images to imgur. Just know that they're not mine.

The frames may be out of order.

Idle animation:

Run animation:

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Hi, I like your game. I started to create your own game similar to yours but only for personal use but I can not find the code to create attacks to the sword but I can not come from Poland I do not understand English very well and I am 14 years old

I hope you will help me with this

A small mistake instead of coming should be done

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for the answer but I create in unity and I did something like that

Video :

This is a really fun game. If you do ever decide to come back to it, it'd be nice to see character selection and decor in the dungeons. Music and SFX are perfect.

Some great suggestions. Those weren’t things I actually thought of, but they make sense. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

This is really badass! It's a perfect balance between fast-paced dungeons and meaty combat loops. Feels kinda like a small-scale, well-contained version of Dead Cells.


Thanks, that's very kind! Actually this was heavily inspired by DC so I'm glad it came through!

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The game feels VERY JUICY!

Juice juice juice

Pretty nice game, cool! The game looks very good and also feels very polished. I was running it on manjaro linux via wine, it was working very well for me.

Good to know. Glad that it worked fine for you, and glad you enjoyed the game!

Very well made! Can I ask what engine you used?

Thanks! This was made with Gamemaker Studio: 2. It's good for quick but still robust development 2D games like this.

The game itself has a pretty generic experience, i think it could use a bit more development and ideas. The graphics are cool and the combat is very comfortable.
I actually intended to do something very similar as your game but with a different approach and mechanics.

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully in the future I'll come back to spruce things up a little. Best of luck on your project, feel free to let me know and I'll check it out.