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SpaceMail is a narrative game about delivering packages in space. Your decisions affect the course of the story, with four different endings to discover!

This project was made for CS 247G @ Stanford University. Our team made all of the assets for this project, including art, music/sound, narrative, design, and code!


SpaceMail is about working as a space package delivery person who is thrust into the midst of an interplanetary political rebellion. The game takes place in the Proioxis Galaxy, humanity’s first and largest space colony, which is ruled over by the oppressive regime known as the Command. The game opens shortly after the collapse of the Resistance, a rebellion movement that attempted to overthrow the Command but failed. The main character, a former rebel, is punished for their role in the Resistance by being relegated to a menial package delivery job in order to pay the bail for their imprisoned family members.


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So good!

im sorry family... it was for the greater good!

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This was a kickass hidden gem honestly, you have something special here, and I would totally pay for this game!

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This game does have Papers Please vibes with the branching storyline and moral choices. My favourite part of replaying will always be sending cookies. Even if I'm trying to be evil and betrayed the Resistance and the universe sinks into hellfire, at least some kid and his grandma are happy ^_^ Though, the game could've been better with a space diner :D