[Made in 72 hours for the BenBonk game jam.]

Here's the devlog that I made about this game!


Trust no one.

Play as the leader of a shadowy witch clan, and hunt out dark elements that are arising in the coven using your special light powers. In this game, you can't trust any witch but yourself... and maybe not even that.

This game was solo-developed in 72 hours for the BenBonk Game Jam 2020. This was my first game jam! I may make a "making of" video, stay posted for that.


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Jump: Space

Illumination: Right Click

Magic Missiles: Left Click

Restart Level: R

Restart Game: Q

Special thanks to the following creators for their assets. Everything else in the game was made by me.

Witchcraft Sprites by Arks

VCR OSD Font by Riciery Leal

Sprite Outlines Script by  Ryan Nielson

Step Sound by IgnasD

Knife Swoosh Sound Effect by ThePigBoy

Thud Sound Effect by Otis James

Bamboo Swing Sound Effect by InspectorJ

Industrial Music Box by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3910-industrial-music-box License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsBlack and White, My First Game Jam, Mystery, Pixel Art

Development log


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who dis


oh hi E


Very well done game! Nice to also embed the making of! Keep up the cool stuff.

Thanks! I worked hard on it. Drop me a sub if you can!


This is so damned adorable! I had issues a few times where the magic missiles wouldn't lock on properly but apart from that this is absolutely incredible!

(This is the first game on the video)


Why shouldn't I trust the game or myself? Everything seemed pretty honest to me.


Haha, it was made for a game jam with the theme "Trust No One" so I was kinda pushing it. Trusting the game/yourself was supposed to be about how the platforms trick you into thinking there is/isn't solid ground, and you have to reveal the truth with your light.


really nice ! I love the concept and even if the controls are a bit hard to get used to, the games overall really nice 

Thanks! Yeah, I didn't realize how difficult it actually was to control until people started playing. Check out the devlog and subscribe to my channel if you can!

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ok, I'll see ! And to upgrade the controls, I recommend trying to imagine where will the hands of the player will be while playing ;)


nice game, good job :]

Thanks :)

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This is quite possibly one of the most innovative uses of this sprite set I have seen. Good job.


I owe so much of it to your assets. Thanks for those, they were awesome. If you want to see the making-of, check out the devlog which is posted beneath the game now!


fun and neat game but the jumping sound effect are totally grating. I

Oops, sorry. My sound engineering isn't great yet, and I think with some headphones it's really loud while it's quiet on speakers. So I had to make trade-offs based on what hardware I thought most people were playing with.

maybe a settings menu would be good to change the volume

Hmm, good idea!

also that's one snazzy icon imma have to get me one of those


Such a lovely and good game :3 Good Job!

Haha, thanks :)


I found a glitch, you can jump infinitely if you are touching the side of a wall while jumping. I love the shooting, so satisfying!


Oops! Thanks for the heads up, I can fix that in a jiffy. Glad you enjoyed the shooting :)


This is a very neat little game. From the visuals to the (fantastic) music. Its just so appealing. Great Job.

I would let the illumination fly in a straight line without the curves but i guess your aware of this an did it intentionaly.

Thanks so much! Yeah, the illumination was meant to move kind of like wild magic, but I can tweak it so it turns towards the target faster. I agree that if it misses the place you indicated with your cursor, it's kind of weird. Share the game if you enjoyed!